Holiday Collections

Mix and match our holiday collections to create your own style.

Our new designs - Christmas Day, Winter Woods and Christmas Pine - complement Spruce and Christmas Joy.


Bunnies-Lapin: Celebrate Spring and new beginnings with this sweet design.

Scent: Fresh grass with light powdery floral notes

Garden Bunny: More adorable bunnies! This companion to our popular Lapin collection carries the soft scent of clover.

Scent: A luscious blend of floral and fruit with top notes of green grass

Candy Cane:

Scent: Peppermint Candy Cane

 Christmas Day:

Scent: A winter Floral fragrance with notes of balsam, clove, and Toffee

Christmas Pine:

Scent: Welcome the season with the fragrant aroma of fresh-cut Christmas tree with Undertones of Cypress and dry amber

Pumpkin Melody:

Scent: A scrumptious mix of Spiced Pumpkin cake, Pumpkin Pie, and Pumpkin souffle

Spruce: A crisp scent and an eye-catching mix of pinecones and fir draw inspiration from a refreshing walk in the woods.

Scent: True spruce with slight undertones of fruit and spice

Winter Woods:

Scent: Woodland floral infused with fig, lilac, and a wisp of rosemary


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