Diaper Cakes

Down below is a gallery of some of our past work. You are welcome to use some of our ideas when creating your diaper cake, but we would appreciate reference to our website and credits.

Q: What is a Diaper cake and what is it used for?

A: Diaper Cake is a unique gift at the Baby Shower or Welcome Baby Celebration. It provides mom-to-be with what her baby will need the most - The Diapers! It also contains other baby necessities, which are added as decoration to the diaper cake.

Q: How are diaper cakes designed at Baby Family Gifts?

A: Pictures of our Diaper Cakes from Picture Gallery, will provide you with basic idea on what we have in mind, when we design our diaper cakes. Our diaper cakes are made to be viewed 360 degrees, as we decorated them equally on all sides. None of our diaper cakes repeat.

Q: Can my Diaper Cake be customized?

We will gladly customize your cake for an additional cost, based on theme of baby shower, month of baby's birth and zodiac sign. We will make as many tiers as you request, but be aware that the price will go up with each tier added.

We do not recommend using more than five tiers because of stability and issue with weight. The size of diapers might vary based on how may tiers the cake will have.

Q: Which brand of Diapers do you use?

A: On Diapers, we use only trusted brands, such Huggies and Pampers, when assembling our Diaper Cakes. The starting size of the diapers is 2 (12-18lb). At birth babies wear size 0.

Using size 2 on our Diaper Cakes was based on feedback we received from many moms, that they loved our Diaper Cakes so much, that taking it a part so soon was the hardest part. Using size 2 diapers, allows our customers to keep diaper cake a bit longer on the display, as a standalone center piece in Baby Room, Welcome Baby parties, celebrations, and photoshoots.

Q: What are some baby products used to decorate Diaper Cake?

A: We only use quality products that we have available on sale on our website to design our cakes. Depending on number of tiers of Diaper cake, we decorate it with some of the following items.

Baby Care: Baby powder, shampoo, lotion, body wash and diaper cream.
Feeding: bibs, pacifiers, pacifier clips, spoon and fork.
Clothing: baby socks, hats, mittens, headbands, one piece outfit (onesie).
Toys: plush toys, handheld baby blankie, rattles, ornaments, frames.

We complete our Diaper cakes with coordinating flowers, colorful ribbons, and lighting if requested.

Q: Any tips how I can make my own Diaper Cake?

A: To assemble a three-tier diaper cake, you just need to provide the mommy-to-be's favorite type of diapers and stack them up on the cardboard base. Simply wrap the pennant banner around the diaper cake. Next, wrap the ribbon of your choice around all other layer. Decorate it with baby items of your choice.

Valentin Kitov Happy recipients of this wonderful diaper cake.
This gift is not just fun and functional, it really overwhelmed us with creative pieces, little details and well themed elements. Eye pleasing color coordination is complimented by well made layer construction and playful lighting. Want to keep it and never pull apart.
What a gift!
Thank you!

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