Phoenix Int. New Seasons E9 School Years 12in 12 Pockets Red Memories Keeper Book

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  • Condition: a Brand new book that may contain minor cosmetic imperfection, minor tear (0.25" oval) on the back of the book, in the middle far left side, minor blemishes, minor scratches, minor corner wear. Please see the images in the gallery.  All sales are final.
  • Off to School!
  • This scrapbook is perfect to capture your child's special school-time memories from preschool to 12th grade.
  • It contains 12 pockets featuring poignant questions and places to collage photos and work from each year.
  • Gender Neutral
  • Center frame of front cover size is 4"x4"
  • Has a place to paste photo for each grade, Kindergarten through 11th-grade frames of front cover measure 3" x 2.5"
  • Hardcover concealed spiral book measures: 11.75" X 12"
  • Front Cover is made in the form of a photo frame so images could be inserted.
  • About Pockets:
    • Contains the following titles:
      • Preschool
      • Kindergarten
      • 1st Grade
      • 2nd Grade
      • 3rd Grade
      • 4th Grade
      • 5th Grade
      • 6th Grade
      • 7th Grade
      • 8th Grade
      • 9th Grade
      • 10th Grade
      • 11th Grade
      • 12th Grade
    • The book allows pasting 14 various size images throughout the book (plus 12 images on the front).

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