Phoenix Int. New Seasons E9 School Years 12″ 12 Pockets Memory Keeper

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  • Condition: a Brand new book that may contain minor cosmetic imperfection, tears inside or outside, blemishes, scratches, corner damage. Please see the images in the gallery.  All sales are final.
  • Off to School!
  • This scrapbook is perfect to capture your child's special school-time memories from preschool to 12th grade.
  • It contains 12 pockets featuring poignant questions and places to collage photos and work from each year.
  • Gender Neutral
  • Center frame of front cover size is 4"x4"
  • Has a place to paste photo for each grade, Kindergarten through 11th-grade frames of front cover measure 3" x 2.5"
  • Hardcover concealed spiral book measures: 11.75" X 12"
  • Front Cover is made in the form of a photo frame so images could be inserted.
  • About Pockets:
    • Contains the following titles:
      • Preschool
      • Kindergarten
      • 1st Grade
      • 2nd Grade
      • 3rd Grade
      • 4th Grade
      • 5th Grade
      • 6th Grade
      • 7th Grade
      • 8th Grade
      • 9th Grade
      • 10th Grade
      • 11th Grade
      • 12th Grade
    • The book allows pasting 14 various size images throughout the book (plus 12 images on the front).

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