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Diaper Cake makes a great gift for a Mom-to-be at the Baby Shower. It is beautiful, useful and practicle. The Wish Heart, as a symbol of ultimate love, makes a unique decoration for the baby room and is precious by the meaning it carries. Gift Basket provides a beautiful presentation to the gift and is reusable at other occasions. Please select a category on the left to begin shopping.  

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Diaper Cakes makes a great gift for a Mom-to-be at the Baby Shower. It is beautiful, useful and practical. The cake makes a great center piece decoration or as a standalone gift. The diapers of the diaper cake are to be used.

We prefer to use trusted brands, such as Pampers and Huggies, sizes Newborn, 1 and 2. The size of diapers might vary based on how may tiers the cake has. We will make as many tiers as you request, but be aware that the price will go up with each tier added. We do not recommend using more than five tiers.

Per your request we can include following in your cake: Baby Shampoo, oil and the powder – Desitin Diaper Cream – Baby Safe Cotton Swabs – Nuk Pacifier – Baby Wash Cloths or Hat – Receiving Blankets – Baby Bottles – Baby Toys – Teddy Bear – Thermometer – Socks.


IMG_0706_clear_1_1Wish Hearts and Baby Wreaths make a unique present for welcome Baby Celebrations. They also make perfect decoration for the hospital room or baby room.

We make some of our baby wreath with silk ribons as a base or baby diapers. We try to decorate our hearts with baby products that are used the most: toys, spoon and fork, hair accesories, baby plate, sock, etc. We also give our clients a chance to decide what they would like us to include in their baby wreath and the theme.

   We support programs that help children deal with Autism and other Developmental Delay Disorders. If you would like to donate a toy, make a purchase of a soft toy on our website and we will donate it for you.  Thanks for your support!!!    Click here to order Autism Support Shirt   

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  2. Thank You so much! I loved your products. Everything is made by hand and the details are amazing. The products are top notch, high quality and look even more beautiful in life than on the pictures. I would definitely buy your products again and recommend them to my friends. You exceeded my expectation and that is many times hard to say about any product in this day and time. Thank you.

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