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A self-employed architect, who recommended to his Walgreens pharmacist wife to make her hobby business official. Later on, after their youngest son got diagnosed with Autism, they decided to take their family business to the next level, and with portion of their profit support children with Autism and Disabilities.

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Baby Family Gifts of Kirkland, WA is a family owned business established in early 2009, by Armine Frangulyan-Adamov, Pharm.D. and Artur Adamov, R.A.

Originally Baby Family Gifts was known to its customers for it’s custom made Diaper Cakes, Wish Wreaths, Hearts and Gifts Baskets.

Changes came in November 2009, when Armine’s close friend and pharmacy school mentor, Dario Alberton, passed away at the age of 32, after his battle with cancer.

Two weeks after Dario’s passing, Armine and Artur learned that their youngest son, Levon, has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Those two devastating events, made Artur and Armine rethink purpose of their business and what impact they wanted to make in Autism community.

New experiences and people that helped Adamovs to build bridge through silence to their non-verbal child, lead to idea to support families affected by Autism.

Following example set by Dario Alberton, who supported Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada during his battle, Artur and Amine decided to support Autism charities with portion of their business profit.

With small word of a mouth and great passion and dedication, Baby Family Gifts began growing and expanding.

Today it has a team of 10 committed its cause people, serving customers in the USA and around the world, putting smiles on faces of its buyers and families touched by Autism.

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Baby Family Gifts is blessed to have a team of caring, compassionate and hardworking people that bring wonderful diversity, knowledge and expertise.

Ever since Adamovs put their foot in Baby Family Gifts business, it became a big part of their family life. However, both Armine and Arthur are currently licensed in their professional degrees and actively serve their local community.

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Armine and Artur Adamov four children are the main source of their inspiration and passion for Baby Family Gifts.

We all benefit from their warm company, honesty and how with their little smiles they can light up our busy days at the office!

Originally there were only two little boys running around the office, helping to test singing toys and print shipping labels, but in 2014 and 2015, Adamov family was blessed by unexpected addition of two girls.

Angelina and Evangeline, joined Adamovs and Baby Family Gifts team, bringing new inspirations, fun experiences at the office, laughs and strong bonding between all of us. Baby Family Gifts became one big family!


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Not everyone is blessed to be born healthy, by ultimately, what you are going to do about disadvantages and obstacles in your life, what really counts.

Levon was born with clubbed feet. He underwent corrective surgery on his feet at birth, his legs were fully casted for several months and then had to wear uncomfortable, corrective bar shoes. Never the less Levon stayed a happy little guy that sang song tunes at the age of 6 months in his crib and kept everyone busy with his energy. Then all of the sudden, Levon became silent at the age of 2. At the age of 3 he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

After 6 years of struggles with speech and decoding, Levon said “Mama” for the first time. His first phrases came at the age of 8, even though in technologies he was superseding his peers. Now, in his teenage years he speaks full sentences, teaches his little sisters words and cares for them as big brother.

He amazes us with his beautifully-creative, artistic mind, loyalty, never ending energy and love.

Over years of struggle with speech he stayed brave and by his example, taught all of us patience, kindness and understanding.

Levon’s success would not have been possible, without help of his family, specialists and Baby Family Gifts employees.

Coming from different cultures and backgrounds, everyone contributed to helping Levon overcome small challenges, that in long term made big impact on his life.

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Armine is grateful to her husband, Artur, for recommending to open a business.

Although at first many doubted success of the business, Artur always believed with little bit of hard work, any dream can become reality.

Through all stages of Baby Family Gifts growth, he has been there bringing fresh ideas and technological innovations.

His positive personality, humor and knowledge is part of Baby Family Gifts success. He is simply that fun and handy guy that everyone likes to have around!

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