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What is Flipper?

Flipper is a unique and patented toothbrush holder whose functionality derives from its simple but ingenious open and close mechanism. The Flipper toothbrush holder opens and closes with the stroke of a toothbrush.

Why Flipper?

Most people store toothbrushes either on the bathroom cabinet or on a counter top. Experts say that your should not let your toothbrush make contact with other toothbrushes. Every time you flush, droplets of contaminated water spray into the air landing on bathroom surfaces and item on the counter-top especially your toothbrush. Stop passing along the common cold and other diseases with a Flipper Toothbrush Holder!


Benefits of the Flipper Design:

  • The Flipper’s side vents allow in just enough air flow for bristles to stay clean and dry.
  • Flippers are large enough to accommodate almost every type of toothbrush.
  • Unlike other toothbrush holders that attach with permanent adhesive strips, Flipper suction cups allow your Flipper to be moved anywhere at anytime.
  • Easily converts into a travel case to keep brushes safe from other toiletries and keeps your toothbrush away from harmful germs and dirt while traveling.
  • Is made to last, as long as cleaned at least once a month.
  • Gets kids excited about doing daily teeth cleaning.

Flipper Meets guidelines for toothbrush care established by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Dental Association (ADA)

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  • lemonrage

    Perfect Transaction! The fastest shipping ever!!! Jul-14-11 08:37
    Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder Animal Designs USA

  • sbau9370

    My nephew loves the holder! Great seller! Quick shipping! Jul-26-11 20:50
    Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder NFL Teams Unique USA

  • chantal7009

    Very fast delivery, no problems and exactly what I ordered. Aug-03-11 17:26
    Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder Dino Eggs Designs US

  • lolliepooh

    Shipped very quickly. Excellent seller to work with:) Aug-18-11 07:32 Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder Animal Designs USA

  • khsmrs

    Great item shipped fast and ultra secure! Would do business again! BuFeb-28-12 17:07 Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder for Travel/Dorm USA

  • pharmgirl89

    great communication. fast shipping. great transaction. thanks Feb-06-12 19:48 Flipper Hygienic Toothbrush Holder for Travel/Dorm USA

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